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The following are some comments from our customers.
I have used Double Image every week, sometimes more than once a week, since I started using it as one of your Beta testers many years ago.

Its file-by-file function and easy retrieval is still the best, and it has helped me out on many occasions where one or more files or folders got corrupted, accidentally removed or incorrectly edited.

I have done a lot of development work over the Internet and large amounts of data - hours of work - became corrupted a few times due to malware attacks. The lengthy weekly or bi-weekly image backups were no help here. But my quickly run daily Double Image virtual file backups and weekly grandfather backups saved the day more than once.

John C. Clark
Former Criminal Investigator
Former IT Coordinator
State Dept. of Insurance, Criminal Fraud Division

Double Image is one of those richly featured, excellently performing and wonderfully complete backup applications for Windows that nobody ever seems to have tried.

Version 7 adds stellar support for removable media and NAS drives, among other things. We like it on our production PCs for keeping an updated backup of one NAS drive on a second NAS drive, which got us to thinking.

We spoke with the developer and know we can run Double Image on our cybernetic house’s NVR PC (which runs Windows 10/64 and connects to both surveillance and controller networks) to run nightly backups of the NAS with its MySQL silo to a second NAS – something beyond any Raspberry Pi’s ability. It’s like helping an old friend find a new job.  Bottom line: Double Image is an agile and capable professional-grade tool for full or selective manual or scheduled, automatic backups.

Newstips, by Marty Winston
Martin Winston
I just switched computers and backed up 177 g in about an hour and 6 minutes! I used a USB 3 external drive, but was still really surprised at the speed. Still the best backup software around!

Kathleen Paton
New York

I’ve been using Double Image since 2005. Every few years I test a variety of other backup solutions, and I still find Double Image performs the best for my purposes.

I prefer backups to be actual file copies, rather than a compressed archive in proprietary format. This makes restoring files easy. I appreciate the software’s compatibility with a wide variety of devices and media, the ability to perform unattended backups and log any errors, and the consistently excellent technical support, on the rare occasions when it has been required.

David Dantes, M.D.
Double-Image is great. The new version is still compact, but the interface is cleaner and easier to use. The advanced features (remote registry backup especially) make this tool invaluable to me.

As a consultant, I've installed Double Image at almost every one of my clients. Most of my clients have tape backup solutions (that *usually* can recover files after a few hours of effort), but with Double Image , backups are fast and the files are right there.

With the cost of large hard drives so low now, it is silly not to use Double Image as the primary means of on site backup. It has saved my clients many times.

Thanks for a great piece of software.

Steve Walker

Let me tell you that it is wonderful to be free of the hassles of tape drives and all its time consuming worrisome interruptions.

Right on schedule, every day at 10:30 Double Image comes alive, does its thing in about 3 minutes and quietly goes back to dormancy.

It is so quick and so unobtrusive. It just turns on with a low whisper, does nothing at all to slow down my current work with programs that are open, and definitely does not distract me from my work.

So, thank you for introducing me to Double Image.

Dr. Stephen Barchet

Over the years I have worked with many software vendors from Microsoft to companies like yours, and your company has consistently provided me with the best support.

'Double Image' backup software ranks as one of the best software products that I have used myself and sold to my customers.

Its ease of installation and use far exceeds any other products that I have tried. Quite frankly it works as advertised, something you do not see very often from software vendors.

On the few occasions when I have needed support your team has always gotten back to me promptly and in most instances, there was not a problem with the software just the configuration. You always provide minor upgrades free of charge and I believe your upgrade policy is more than fair. It seems that many companies have lost sight of support to the customer.

The goodwill that is generated by your support keeps me recommending your product to all of my customers.

Kevin Rhea, President
Secure Systems, Inc.
Bartlett, IL

I downloaded and installed it on our new Windows Server.

We are very religious about our backups. We prefer to spend the time doing backups, then restoring data if it is lost or destroyed. The image of our server only takes a couple of minutes after running it the first time. We set it up to backup every hour.

This program was exactly what we were looking for. It does everything you could ever want in a backup program.

Thank you for making such a great product!

Gary Friedman, President
EZ-flo Nozzle and Equipment

Just like to let you know how satisfied I am with Double Image.

First time I've run across geeks who write code who are aware of the word Logic. Double Image is simple, easy, effective and affordable.

Thank you for your great software. Wish I found your site long ago.


Fort Pierce, Florida

Just a short note to relate that Double Image brought my system "Back to Life" after a major crash of my XP Pro based system.

Nothing was left after the system malfunction and I had to resort to using Double Image.

The restore was fantastic, fast, and "totally on the money". Thanks to Double Image, I was back on the air in a short few minutes.. It was FAST with 100 percent success.

Thanks again for providing a great product.

Don Sanborn
I did extensive research for good, easy and safe backup programs. Double Image fits the bill.

The fact that Double Image mirrors the data rather than creating a single proprietary backup-set was a major plus.

My digital photography media tends to grow into the hundreds of GBs. Now I have Double Image scheduled to routinely copy changed or new files to my Firewire external hard drive, with verification.

Thanks again - a good product and excellent support is more than I expected.

Hong Kong

I just wanted to let you folks know how happy I am with Double Image. I just got it configured this weekend.

My application is pretty simple just backing up some folders on my C: drive to an external backup hard drive but it works great!

I have a schedule setup to do this once a day using the scheduler as well as a batch file with a shortcut to run it manually from the desktop. I am very happy with this software!

The help files are well put together so even I could figure out the settings I needed. Saved a lot of calls to your tech support line too.

Anyway its nice to get software that works and is well documented along with a real person on the phone too.

Thank you again for a great product.

John McGaughey
Athens Georgia

Double Image is rock solid, what you expect from a first class product.

Usage is simple and uncomplicated, the GUI is very intuitive. The overall program design is excellent, period.

Well worth waiting for, thank you!

Christian Burnat, Systems Consultant
Sydney, NSW, Australia

I have relied on your software for several years now to protect my data files.

I have tried many other backup programs, but Double Image, hands down, is the only one I trust.

It is simple to use and extremely RELIABLE due to the fact that the files are backed up in native format – no difficulty managing compressed files or virtual disks. I have called on it twice now to effect 100% data recovery following serious hard disk crashes with minimal effort.

I am extremely pleased to have it up and running in my windows 7 machine.


James B
Ottawa Canada

Double Image Systems has been around for a long time. They turned their attention to the backup software market and have produced one of the best and most logically written pieces of software I've seen in ages.

Reminds me of the early 80's when the far fewer software publishers anguished over creating incredible products and a "new version" was really that and not just a fix of previous versions and resulting bugs.

I strongly recommend that you check out the program, "Double Image" and the version that handles open files, "Double Image-O".

Stuart P. "Stu" Needel
Trainer, Speaker, Consultant
Baltimore, MD

"Using other disk backup software, some of our customers have reported intermittent problems with "Delayed Write Failed" errors and others have experienced mysterious "hard disk paging" errors when backing up to the USB drives. We have spent considerable engineering effort trying to determine whether the problems were related to our hardware."

"I'm pleased to report that since installing Double Image, the customer has received NO further disk failures and the backup has worked 100% reliably every night."

Darren McBride
What a surprise!! An application that does what it's supposed to. And a great company that stands behind it.

After searching for a backup solution to increase data availability across multiple platforms, I downloaded Double Image.

This product is designed well and works flawlessly. I wish all companies were as easy to deal with as Double Image Systems.

Thanks for a great product.

David Wink
The Oxford Group
Parsippany NJ

Double Image is the best backup software I have used to date, because of its simplicity and speed. Like many people I now keep many scans and digital camera shots on my PC, and whilst I could not bear the thought of losing them, copying the complete folders regularly was such a chore. Double Image is the ideal solution.

I have also found Double Image perfect for synchronizing my laptop with my PC over my home network.

Again, speed and simplicity are the attraction, especially once the profile has been set up.

Kind regards,

Alan Westwood
Scotland, UK

I have performed fairly large backup and restore procedures successfully, without data loss, I am pleased with 'Double Image'.

The critical part of any backup/restore software is restoring when and where required; the acid test is its ability to restore accurately and without data loss or corruption. 'Double Image' passes that test.

With a clean and clear main screen and nothing essential missing and nothing superfluous included 'Double Image' tells you what it's doing while it's doing it and it does it without fuss.

Marcus Fitzpatrick

For years, I have used expensive 'Backup Exec' along with the normal MS backup programs for both tape and disk backup.

In our network environment with the variety of servers and workstations, none of the previous backup systems have been as trouble free and as easy to work with as "Double Image-O".

And, for support, the company representatives are quick to respond and are very helpful in making sure their product features are working as advertised.

Performance and service from 'Double Image' and the helpful people at the company are greatly appreciated.

John Johnson, VP
AquaTec, Inc.

I tested many backup software products before I decided on Double Image. I wanted a simple to use, simple to configure and no hassle backup program that really works.

The first time I tested your Double Image I knew this was the one. I even called tech support and found the person on the other end to be most helpful, pleasant, and knowledgeable.

Thanks for all the effort you put into your product.

Jim Charos

First, let me say thanks for a product that makes sense for doing back sessions. I have a simple share NAS used as a file server and a Maxtor one touch for back up. The Retrospect software that came with each of these products just does not do the job I need.

It was refreshing to find your backup software. Double Image is easy to use and with minor setup works like a dream.

My goal was to set up a system that would have our company up and running with all files intact within 24 hours after a fire, earthquake, or theft.

With your Double Image backup software, for copying open files, I can take all our files home each evening in a format that is Windows ready.

Sam Gonzalez
Velocity Irrigation, Inc.

Double Image is exactly what it needs to be. It is totally reliable, works out of sight, works right, and has saved my data many times over the past five years and through several computers.

The product support is almost instantaneous.

I tried lots of backup programs before Double Image, but none since.

Mack Jones
Republic of Panama

One of my domain controllers was running as a file server on a dynamic disk. So, at first, I was searching for a backup software which could image dynamic disks.

V2i Protector Server Edition seemed suitable. But it was too expensive. Also, I heard that active V2i Protector used too much computer resources.

After using Double Image for a couple of months, I just want to let you know what I particularly like about it.
  • Found Double Image to overcome the price problem.
  • Double Image allows me to fully use my server while a server snapshot backup is taking place.
  • Double Image also works quite fine with Japanese characters. (perhaps because it's a Unicode build)
  • Double Image honors the date/time format of the user's regional setting.
These are rare accomplishments among English software which is usually not internationalized.

Thanks, and please keep up the good work.

T. H.