Network Backup & Storage Devices

Double Image provides backup and restore capabilities for the following network device providers.
File-based data storage (NAS)
  • Windows Servers
  • Windows PCs
  • WD MyCloud
  • Synology
  • Buffalo
  • Hitachi
  • Seagate
  • Linksys
  • Iomega
  • D-Link
  • Dell
  • Intel
  • Linux
  • LaCie
  • IBM
  • HP
  • others...
Network Server Storage
  • Windows Virtual
  • Windows Server
  • Windows (other)
  • Linux
  • VMware
  • IBM Domino
  • Blackberry Server

The Difference

The difference between traditional backup software and Double Image is that it can do incremental & differential backups (and restores) between Windows devices and remote external non-Windows devices (like Linux, NAS, ...).

Double Image figures out the file time-stamp granule variance for the remote storage device; and with that has the ability to do time-stamp comparison between source and target files, whether they be Windows files or not.

 »» See a list of file systems recognized by Double Image

A Double Image backup or restore can occur without depending on the file archive attribute (option). This permits other backup software to run against the same files and utilize the file archive attributes.