page Welcome To Double Image 7
opened book Introduction
   page Copyright and Trademarks
   page System Requirements
opened book Help and Support
   page Getting Help
   page Hot Keys - Keyboard Shortcuts
   page Technical Support
page Licenses
opened book Updates, Upgrades
   page Upgrades and Updates
opened book Menu: Main Bar
   page File Menu
   page Edit: Preferences: General
   page Edit: Preferences: Log Colors
   page Edit: Preferences: History Preferences
   page Edit: Preferences: Omitted Paths
   page Edit: Preferences: Reset Preferences
   page Edit: Preferences: Profile History
   page Edit: Preferences: Software Registration
   page Tools Menu
   page Tools: Report: Options
   page Tools: Report: Log
   page Tools: Report: HTML
   page Tools: Report: TEXT
   page View Menu
   page Window Menu
   page Help Menu
opened book Menu: Tool Bar
   page Icons
   page New Profile
   page Open Profile
   page Open Recent Profiles
   page Save Profile
   page Options - Show or No Show
   page Schedule: Log Output
opened book Backup and Restore
   page Backup and Restore Mode
   page File Tree, Backup and Restore Modes
   page Perform a Backup
   page Perform a Restore
   page Perform a Restore From Shadow Copies, Snapshots
   page Right Mouse Button in Backup, Restore Trees
opened book Drives, Folders, Files, Properties
   page Folders and Files: Expand Folder
   page Folders and Files: Insert Network Computer
   page Folders and Files: Insert Network Drive
   page Folders and Files: Insert Folder
   page Folders and Files: Insert File
   page Folders and Files: Properties
opened book Options
   page Options Selection
   page Backup Type Option
   page File Name Options
   page File Name: Relative
   page File Name: Relative Include Top Parent Folder
   page File Name: Absolute
   opened book Copy Options
      page Copy Options
      page Run Options
      page Delete Options
      page Delete Options: Minor
      page Delete Options: Major
      page Delete Options: Warn Before Using Major Delete
      page Delete Options: Excluded
      page Registry Backup and Restore
      page Compression Options
      page Encryption Options
   opened book Selecting Files By Date and Wild Cards and File Attributes
      page Select Files by Date
      page Include Files
      page Exclude Files
      opened book Select Files by Attribute
         page Don't copy hidden files
         page Don't copy system files
         page Copy off-line files
         page Where are off-line files stored?
         page Reset Archive Bit
         page Different File Systems, Different Attributes
   opened book Warnings and Errors Reporting
      page Warnings and Errors Reporting
      page Ask what to do when any error or warning is encountered
      page Ask what to do when an error is encountered
      page Ignore warning & errors, but show special dialogs
      page Don't pause for any warnings, errors, or special dialogs
      page [ ] Ask before deleting files
      page [ ] Ask before over-writing a read-only file
      page [ ] Ask before over-writing a newer file with an older file
      page [ ] Ask before creating very long file names
   opened book Logs
      page Log Options
      page Log View and Search
   page Comments
opened book Scheduling
   page Schedule: Icon
   page Scheduling a Backup or Restore
   page Scheduler: Window
   page Scheduler: Task Tab
   page Schedule: Problems
opened book Command Lines, Scripts
   page Command Line Options
   page Examples: Using Command Lines
   page Attributes
   page Backup Or Restore
   page Compression
   page Copying Open Files
   page Copy Options
   page Date and Times
   page Delete Non-Matching Files
   page File Name Convention
   page Includes and Excludes
   page Logging
   page Log File Name
   page Log Size
   page Reset Archive Bit (Attribute)
   page Registry Backup and Restore
   page Reports
   page Report to Log
   page Run Invisible
   page Run Invisible (more...)
   page Source Drives, Folders, Files
   page Target Drive, Folder
   page Warnings and Errors
opened book References
   page Archive Bit
   page Antivirus Software Excludes
   page Attributes
   page Copy Network Shares, Not Homegroup
   page File Systems
   page Offline Files
   page Orphan Files
   page Network Backup
   page Progress Dialog
   page Scheduling a Backup or Restore
   page Threads, Instances, Multiple Copies
   page UNC Definition
   page Windows Homegroup vs Network
   page XP to Vista and Windows 7